Energy Storage

Energy storage – the project is an energy storage system integrated with a solar system.

Energy storage system

Ya'alim Eilat school project

Design, purchase, installation and maintenance of a system that includes a solar system, energy storage systems and energy management systems based on load shedding. All this, for the purpose of disconnecting the facility/site from the local electricity grid – creating a "nano-grid" distribution system.

In combination with a solar system, an energy storage system in batteries (System Energy Storage-ESS) of an energy storage system including a Power Control Unit (PCU Unit Control Power) and an energy management system (Energy-EMS System Management) which includes load shedding.

Building a storage system for an office building/computer center

  • A system that supplies about 3,800 kWh per day (all peak consumption and part of the hill consumption).

  • The system claims at night.

  • The system can also be used as a backup for several hours for all building systems (including air conditioning).

  • It doesn't take up much space (about a 40-foot container).