Energy efficiency

  1. Energy efficiency in schools and kindergartens (Nazareth, Afula, Lod, Ornit) interior lighting and air conditioning
  2. Cultural and sports centers – Menorah Hall (MAST HI lighting)
  3. Football fields: Kiryat Shmona, Nes Ziona – upgrading lighting, switchboards and infrastructure
  4. Factories – VPG, Dexel, UPC, Coca Cola – interior and structure lighting

Energy efficiency in sports and recreation centers

  • The reduction is noticeable in energy expenses.
  • Using the correct management of current electricity consumption.
  • Installation of control and energy meters for smart management of the various systems.
  • Optimization of all energy consumers – lighting, air conditioning, heating, water. Use of green technologies for heating water for pools and sanitary water.
  • Design and implementation of systems such as heat pumps to obtain hot water at low costs.
  • Adapting the solutions to the customer's needs, among other things, according to the supplies required throughout the day.
  • Providing effective solutions for ventilation/heating the pool space.
  • Installation of Heat Recovery systems to utilize the energy emitted outside.
  • Energy utilization of the invested resources without harming air quality and temperature. – Fast investment returns. Investments in replacing equipment that, thanks to the savings achieved, will return the investment in 2-5 years.
  • Use of state grants to carry out efficiency projects.
Projects carried out:
  • Givat Ram Hebrew University
  • Mount Scopus Hebrew University
התייעלות אנרגטית במרכזי ספורט ונופש

Energy efficiency in air conditioning

  • Reducing amounts of fresh air and saving energy
    While complying with ASHRAE requirements in a ratio of approximately 50%-30% (depending on the air conditioning application required).
  • Reducing the number of pollutants in the air
    The meaning => reducing the number of required air changes by 40% and/or reducing the cross-section bill of the fresh air ducts and the amount of cooling units for the fresh air.
    A reduction of about 40% in the fresh air = a reduction of about 10% in the total energy consumption for air conditioning.
  • Odor reduction
  • Reducing amounts of smoke in hotel rooms and casinos
    Reducing the CO2 in the air by about 10-50%
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Less formation of impurities in batteries

Energy efficiency in the field of lighting

Energy efficiency in the field of lighting and in the field of control and management solutions within the framework of "smart city" in factories, companies, kibbutzim and municipalities.
Among the other solutions, we also offer efficient exterior and interior lighting that includes units that allow lighting profile planning (with or without communication and control), and connection to the control and security system.
These units are programmed for an economical lighting profile that includes dimming when a full illumination level is not needed, and increasing the lighting intensity when necessary.

LEDITECH is the leader in the field in Israel and has installed over 100,000 streetlights and about 70,000 of them with communication and control in over 200 locations in Israel.