Company Activity

Leditech specializes in projects in the field of energy efficiency in authorities and in private entities – factories and leading companies. The company is a subsidiary of the El-Mor group which is a leading company in the fields of energy, electricity and electromechanics.

Energy Efficiency

The reduction is noticeable in energy expenses

Energy Storage

Storage systems from 100 KW/H.

Smart city street lighting

Supply and installation of lighting fixtures including communication units.

Interior / smart lighting

Supply and installation of lighting fixtures including communication units.

Control and Analytics

Control and Analytics

Electric vehicle systems

Install and manage charging stations nationwide.

About Us

E.C. Leditech Ltd is engaged in energy efficiency and "smart city" solutions. Leading the Israeli market in integrated projects in local authorities, medium and large enterprises and organizations, and aims to significantly reduce energy consumption costs through the use of particularly efficient products in the fields of lighting, air conditioning, water heating, energy storage and vehicle charging electrics, intelligent use of control and control systems and an overall view of the organization's needs, thus enabling tens of percent savings in energy costs, maintenance and operation of the systems

Among our clients

The system of replacing the old lighting in the settlements with innovative LED lighting, allows for significant savings in electricity consumption expenses.

In the field of lighting efficiency in settlements, municipalities and councils, we combine smart city services through an innovative control system that we developed and provide the possibility of providing solutions for a variety of areas such as: operation of parking areas, sports fields, street lighting and gardens, etc.

Using the control systems, it is possible to identify and perform statistical analyzes for a variety of objects that are in motion such as: traffic congestion, parking occupancy, etc. Using built-in tools in the control system, it is possible to integrate the data received in real time or statistical data and integrate them into the control mechanisms and lighting operation.