About the company

E.C. Leditech Ltd is engaged in energy efficiency and "smart city" solutions. Leading the Israeli market in integrated projects in local authorities, medium and large enterprises and organizations, and aims to significantly reduce energy consumption costs through the use of particularly efficient products in the fields of lighting, air conditioning, water heating, energy storage and vehicle charging electrics, intelligent use of control and control systems and an overall view of the organization's needs, thus enabling tens of percent savings in energy costs, maintenance and operation of the systems.



Among other things, we also offer our customers a financing option to carry out the project without any investment and cost savings from day one.

The company's advantages include, among others:
  • Previous successful experience of nearly a decade in large efficiency projects (totaling hundreds of millions of NIS), integrated that include control systems.
  • Experience in integrated energy storage systems.
  • High contracting classifications in a variety of types (electricity, lighting, communication, air conditioning).
  • "First hand" experience in the supply of systems in the execution of the project and in the maintenance of the systems.
  • Funding ability.
  • Ability to cooperate with electricity suppliers at the best prices in the market.
  • Successful experience in assisting authorities and enterprises in receiving grants from the various government ministries for the needs of energy efficiency projects in the scope of tens of millions of shekels.
E.C. Leditech Ltd is a subsidiary of the El-Mor group

El Mor is one of the largest companies in Israel in the field of energy, electro-mechanics and renewable energies. El-Mor is classified as an electrical contractor in the Contractors Register in an unlimited classification and is certified to the ISO 9001-2000 standard.

Link to the website of the company www.el-mor.co.il

Guiding principles:

  • E.C. Leditech Ltd is committed to providing the best solution for the customer in terms of cost life cycle, that is, a long-term view of the customer's needs and the appropriate solution in terms of investment and savings.


  • E.C. Leditech Ltd offers a full turn key solution, including conducting a programming survey, characterizing the solution, locating the required technology, lighting planning, purchasing the equipment, managing the project and installing the equipment and related systems, 24/7 monitoring, service warranty and long-term spare parts inventory.


  • A major obstacle in the implementation of energy efficiency is the allocation of funding for implementation. E.C. Leditech Ltd specializes in financing projects, and offers the client the opportunity to invest the capital required to implement energy efficiency. The return on investment comes from the disposable income that will be generated from electricity and maintenance costs.

  • E.C. Leditech Ltd allows the customer to build the investment return so that the customer will profit immediately after the installation of the system.


  • E.C. Leditech Ltd offers a warranty of at least 5 years on the equipment, and the possibility of extending the warranty in the projects required for this.


  • E.C. Leditech Ltd is committed to meeting all the strictest quality standards.